Feeling Grateful

I had a nice experience this morning and i feel like i need to write it down while it still resonates with me. To preface, let me tell you about my weekend. I flew to Boston to surprise one of my best friends and celebrate the launch of her new  book. Hold please, for shameless plug:

Go check out Cave Girl in the City and try to deny shes the cutest thing around. She’s amazing chef and possibly the sweetest person in the universe. Her debut cookbook is called Paleo in 28 and is available on AMAZON. ORDER YOURS NOW :)

Anyhoo, I went to visit her and it was a perfect weekend. Boston was warm and sunny and I had such a great time catching up with my friend. I ate a lot of delicious food and had the pleasure of meeting her coworkers and relatives. It struck me later what a fantastic life she had and I told my mom over the phone that I was pretty jealous. Not jealous in a green monster petty kind of way, but just that as an outsider looking in, I could recognize and appreciate a good situation. I mean, talk about a great apartment, great job, great friends, great family, a successful passion turned hobby turned career… Sounds like the full package! I sulked a bit, feeling a little sorry for myself that I hadn’t written a book and I didn’t have a patio with cute furniture. Why couldn’t my family live close enough to drive on over for brunch? I want a non-Ikea couch, too! Poor Lex, boo hoo.

Then today, at yoga, as we finished an awesome practice, I was rolling up my mat and the woman next to me turns and says “Don’t you just feel amazing? We have nothing like this in <insert whatever city she said she was from>. You’re so lucky you can come here all the time!” Then she trotted off happily, unaware of what a reality check she just gave me. Thank you, kind stranger, for that little dose of perspective. I left feeling very grateful for my own life and much, much better.

Besides, who cares where my couch is from? The dog is going to chew on it anyways.

Have a great day, everyone!

Well that got out of hand

Yesterday was very overwhelming. Not in a bad way, but in a “I can’t believe this is happening” kind of way as the internet circled our proposal flipbook like sharks as if I’d chummed the water. It was a 24-hour media frenzy as it went completely viral. I had posted yesterday that it was featured on HowHeAsked and raved about the 6k likes it got on instagram (UPDATE: it’s 12.4k now) but things really started to get crazy when it was picked up by TIME and Cosmo… WHAT? I mean, seriously, WHAT?

This is especially crazy because I originally didn’t tell people about the flipbook because it felt too private. I cried tears of joy when I saw it because I was so overwhelmed by how much thought and love he put into making this completely personal thing for me. It felt too special to share with the world. We all know my love for instagram, yet I agonized for weeks whether or not to share this. It felt like relinquishing a little part of something I wanted to keep all for myself. I eventually did post it when the artist asked if he could share it on his own website and I figured, oh heck, if it’s going to be on the internet anyways…

On the internet indeed.

That time we went viral?

I’ve never experienced a media frenzy before but today I learned just how absurd it is when something of yours goes viral. The artist  had posted the video a couple days ago, but after his flip book featuring the dancing sharks from the super bowl gained popularity, our video started to pick up steam as well. The video of our flip book proposal hit imgur last night and HowHeAsked this morning! It was completely coincidental that these two things happened at the same time, and as a result, my phone has gone nuclear. It appears that situation is nuclear over at HowHeAsked as well.

Our video has wracked up over 2 million views on imgur and 5k likes on instrgram. Did I mention it was posted 45 minutes ago?

Stay tuned. The promises to be interesting.

Desperately Seeking Beauty Advice

Today is a big day. After years of fighting with my skin, I am finally going to see a dermatologist and get this situation under control. Having acne as teenager is nothing extraordinary -in fact, it’s expected. Suffering the humiliation of a forehead pimple on picture day is a rite of passage, isn’t it? I dutifully used one acne treatment after another all through high school, assuming that adulthood was the light at the end of the tunnel when my skin would clear up. I assumed wrong. Having a pimple at prom seems like the end of the world at the time… but having a pimple at my wedding? Oh hell no.

To my friends who will read this and scoff, telling me my skin isn’t that bad, I’ll admit, it’s not always bad. Those are the days I am out and about and smiling for the camera. I’m worried about the break-outs that happen out of nowhere -the ones that force me to stay home form work because my entire face hurts too bad to even put cover up on. I’ve had such great wedding planing karma so far, that I just know the universe will deal me one of those days come September and I am not taking that risk. If the most photographed day of my life isn’t impetus to finally bring in professional help, I don’t know what is. When (not if, when! crossing my fingers) my skin starts to clear up, I’ll share some before/after photos. Right now, with just the before and no celebratory after photo, it’s too depressing. But I’m going in for the big guns, the heavy duty prescription stuff (bring on the acutane!) so if I emerge with the beautiful skin I’ve always wanted, I will bust out my most horrendous break-out photos and put them side by side for the not-so-causal-humblebrag.

Do you have a miracle skin care product or bride-to-be beauty tip? Please share!

Winner winner chicken dinner

Since it’s creation Cave Girl in the City has been my favorite blog. It miiiiight have something to do with the girl behind the scenes… but even if she wasn’t a dear friend (and bridesmaid in my upcoming wedding) her blog is amazing and she is an extremely talented chef. In fact, she has some pretty big news coming up so you will want to keep her on your radar. I’ll wait right here while you go check it out. *twiddles thumbs, checks instagram* You’re back? Fabulous. Since I know you popped on over there to take a peak, you must have seen that I won her latest giveaway!!

A brand spankin’ new Ninja blender? FOR ME?! Oh happy day :) Right now all I have in terms of blending is a Magic Bullet. Don’t get me wrong, the thing is great and I highly recommend it to anyone living in a small space and wants to make basic smoothies. However, it’s six years old and losing some of its muster. If I want to blend anything tougher than a  banana (aka  pretty much everything) it’s the little engine that could –it’ll get there eventually, but not until it starts to smell like smoke. Bottom line : it’s seriously time for an upgrade. So just imagine my excitement when I head on over to Cave Girl, as I do each morning while I settle in at work, and see my name as the winner! I enter every single contest on that site and this is the first time I have not only won, but won THE PERFECT PRIZE for exactly what I need right now! Hallelujah.

Plus, now that’s one less thing to register for ;)


When the East Coast braced itself for Juno, I thought to myself (foolishly) that it sounded kind of exciting -fun even, if you will. Usually storms sweep through the Midwest and move eastward but for some reason Juno skipped us this time, so while Boston was pummeled, it was a beautiful day in Chicago. How anticlimactic. I was in Boston during snowpocalypse in 2010 (that was 2010, right?) and the amount of snow was very impressive. I remember hunkering down with my roommates, prepared to drink copious amounts of wine because classes would surely be canceled and staying up late to marvel and amount of snow being dumped on our poorly-insulated Boston brownstone. That’s what I think of when I think of snowstorms. Ahh, college nostalgia. Perhaps that’s why I was rather put out when we didn’t get our own weather phenomenon. I wanted the wine and the memories, dammit!

Enter, Linus.

Linus came with no warning. I gotta say, the weather team really dropped the ball on this one. I’m disappointed in you, Andy Avalos, I count on your jolly self to bring me some sort of meteoric insight. We were told there might be snow Saturday night, into Sunday and that getting to and from Superbowl parties might be dicey. That doesn’t sound out of the ordinary, right? What they should have said was “HEY. HISTORIC BLIZZARD COMING YOUR WAY. STAY HOME.” because it turned out to be the 5th largest snowfall on record and a total cluster.

But anyhoo. Early on Sunday, while Linus was a wee lad, and we when we still were unaware that it would continue to snow for another 20 hours, it was rather fun and exciting. Finally! That snow day I was hoping for! Rodney and I put on our snow gear and headed outside to play. We threw snow balls, made snow angels and it was great fun acting like children again. Once we were thoroughly frozen (snow angels + leggings = tooshie frostbite) we got hot cocoa at Starbucks and wandered on home, admiring the winter wonderland. It was pretty magical and it I remembering sighing, thinking gosh, winter isn’t that bad!

Come Monday morning I’d take my foot out of my mouth just long enough to curse Mother Nature for giving me exactly what I wanted. I don’t want it anymore! Take it back! A winter wonderlands is fun over the weekend with nothing to do, but when you are trying to go about your daily life, snow is a real pain in the patella.

Engagement Photos

Really now, is there anything more awkward than taking engagement photos? I can tell you exactly how many times Rodney and I have severely under-dressed and gone prancing about in a post-snowpocalyptic park: exactly zero times prior to our photo shoot. Zero. Yet, that is what we did and that is how we are immortalized. Oy vey. Oh trust me, I did my homework. I googled the hell out of “creative engagement photos” and any equivalent of those terms. The result was a long and overwhelming list of what NOT to do, with very little guidance in the right direction. In fact, I got so frazzled over the whole process that we almost canceled them. Fortunately, my darling fiance told me to take a chill pill, talked me off the ledge, and we agreed to forgo any creative ideas and just show up and smile.

I’m pretty happy with the result. In fact, I’m floored. While these pictures don’t exactly scream “come to our coastal Maine wedding this summer!” (so I don’t see myself using them for anything functional ie. invitation) they sure are lovely to look at and I’m glad we did it :)


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